In the right hands, WordPress is a great platform for managing the content and web pages of small, medium and enterprise sized websites.

Though renowned for being ultra-customizable, it's important to work with an expert WordPress developer who knows just how far to push the WordPress design and functionality so that your site runs flawlessly and fast.

Our WordPress developers also know how to get the most out of WordPress plugins to bring together all of your digital activities and assets, whether it's interfacing with Facebook, linking to LinkedIn, or something else more fiendishly clever. And if there's not a WordPress plugin that does what's needed, we have the in-house coding prowess to build it ourselves.

At Aqaba, we only work with licensed WordPress themes, so you don't have to worry about archaic themes that use outdated or buggy code with security vulnerabilities. With our care and experience, your WordPress website will be a solid investment that provides value you to for years to come.

Although developing a WordPress website is faster than creating a customized website from scratch, we don't rush mell-pell through the process. Our multi-step engagement process ensures that we have a thorough understanding of your business and what you want to achieve:

1. Business analysis—Your business, your brand, your customers, your competition… we gorge ourselves on all the available information and data about it.

2. Strategy and planning—We create a strategy that addresses what you want to achieve with your WordPress website and all a fool-proof plan for following through to completion. A schedule with delivery dates keeps everyone on track.

3. Develop—A project manager orchestrates a creative (yet highly technical) flurry of designing, coding, and keyboarding. Your insider access gives you a front-row seat to watch your website being built.

4. Implement—Your carefully nurtured WordPress website is tenderly helped to its feet and allowed to enter the online world. Anxious developers stand by to resolve any unlikely glitches and smooth any rough patches.

5. Support—Our Managed Care Plan is for busy business owners who don't have time to worry about the security and performance of their website. Regular backups and software updates proactively defend your website and keep it always online!

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