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At Aqaba, we consider your website just one piece of the puzzle in the big picture of attracting well-qualified leads. A website – besides being an arresting, illuminating, and influential representation of your brand – must work seamlessly with your other marketing assets to convince leads to take the next step (whether that means signing up for a newsletter, downloading a report, or actually making a purchase).

Whatever your particular website requirements, Aqaba can provide a complete turnkey solution. The answer lies in the depth and breadth of our talent. Not only do we have tech-geeks who are creative, we also have creatives who are techie-geekie. And leading them through the twists and turns of building a complete website solution are the hardest working (but most mild-mannered) project managers you've ever met.

Having a wealth of artistic, technical, and project managing specialists on staff is no happy accident. We understand that a complete website solution requires a parallel in talent to design and build the most important aspects of your website architecture: security, visual elements, data management, services and processes, communication, and more.

Our experts use a six-step methodology to ensure that no aspect of your website design and build escapes their attention:

1. Business analysis— Thorough research of your business and your competition. Along with your immediate and future goals, this information helps us formulate the website strategy.

2. Strategy and planning— We document everything, of course. And of course you have access to it all as we lay out the approach we recommend, including a solid plan with a schedule and delivery dates.

3. Architect— Like the architects whom we emulate, we detail how we'll assemble the website. This information includes the sitemap, the proposed content, and other required assets.

4. Develop— Websites in process are a bit awkward at first, sort of like a tweener. But our designers and developers quickly zero in on the right look. By the time it reaches its full potential, it's more than deserving of the "ooohs" and "aaahs" it will get.

5. Implement— At this point, you get to relax a bit, but we're hustling to get the website and all its functionality online and running perfectly.

6. Support— We've enjoyed our time together so much that we hope you'll sign up for the Managed Care Plan for the life of your website.

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