Protect your WordPress theme with our MCP cloud service

Our Managed Care Plan (MCP) is the simplest way for businesses to protect their websites from damage caused by hacking, data corruption, or other destructive events.

Malicious or targeted website attacks continue to rise, and it's not logical to assume that a business is "too small" to be of interest or "too large" to be vulnerable. Although we reap many benefits from our interconnected world, there is still a small but determined percentage of people who want to exploit it.

Consider this:

  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.
  • 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks.
  • 65% of online attacks are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses.*

*CybInt, "13 Alarming Cyber Security Facts and Stats," "4 Industries Likely to Get Hacked"

Online attacks can take many forms. We list a small sampling here not for fear-mongering, but to point out the endless imagination of cyber-criminals:

  • A hacker locks up your website with ransomware (along with sensitive or crucial data) until you fork over a large chunk of money.
  • A hacker or automated software code installs malicious software on your website. The malware can perform any number of destructive activities, like send software viruses to your entire customer list, steal sensitive data, or corrupt any databases attached to your website.
  • A hacker uses malware to harness your website's processing power for cryptocurrency mining, slowing down your website's performance.

When we use the term "hacker," you might envision a shadowy figure in a dark, windowless room. However, hackers can also be someone you know, like a disgruntled former employee or spiteful competitor.

If you do not have the internal resources to regularly monitor the security and health of your website, we highly recommend our Managed Care Plan services as a way to proactively defend your website. After all, you wouldn't let just anyone walk into your private business office, so why would you not secure the online asset that (for many businesses) serves as a marketing, sales, operations, and service tool?

We've provided more detailed information below about our Managed Care Plan benefits. Note that the MCP includes the benefits of our Hosting plan.

Managed Care Plan Details

As mentioned in our Managed Care Plan introduction, Aqaba can put your mind at ease regarding your website and its data. Basically stated, we look after your website and protect it from attack by installing the latest software updates.

Software updates to your website's underlying technology are especially important if you have a WordPress website. The WordPress code gets updated at least quarterly. The WordPress theme your website is based on can release software updates to fix security holes or bugs or to introduce new features. Finally, the WordPress plugin software can require updates for the same reasons, and there can easily be a dozen plugins used on a website.

As a preventative measure, the websites of our MCP program are backed up daily. That way, if something bad did occur and your website or data is lost, we can restore the data and the website in a matter of minutes. If you don't have a plan like MCP, it could take days or even weeks to recreate your website's functionality, and even then there might be permanent data loss.

You can sleep better at night knowing that we are monitoring your website's performance to ensure it is always online and running at full functionality.

All the details and benefits of the Managed Care Plan are given here, but these are the best of the best:

  • First dibs on a new project and support needs!
  • If anything goes wrong with our managed WordPress sites, we will repair it with no additional costs.
  • All of the benefits of the Hosting Plan are included in the MCP program.
  • Monthly reports with performance, analytics, and security/update reports.
  • An allotted number of technical support hours for each level (Basic – 1.5, Professional – 5, Enterprise – 10), which can be used to make additions or updates to your website.
  • Hosting is NOT on a shared server, but instead on an SEO-grade StormCloud dedicated server. This increases the performance of your website dramatically, which providing numerous SEO benefits.

Our WordPress Support Guarantee:
If anything goes wrong with our managed WordPress sites, we will repair it with no additional costs. (Note that our WordPress guarantee theme does not apply to WP themes altered outside of our care.)

Hosting Plan Details

Our hosting plan supports most websites, including WordPress. (Note that if you are a Managed Care Plan client, all of the hosting plan features are included with your services.)

We know, we know… hosting plans are not as fun and sexy as websites. But, here at Aqaba, we cannot understate the importance of investing in a hosting plan that reflects the highest hopes you have for your business.

What You Need to Know About Website Hosting

It simply doesn't make sense to pay to have a top-notch, aesthetically pleasing website created, only to have it hosted on a run-of-the-mill shared server. If you go with a hosting provider based on price alone, your website will be placed on a physical server with hundreds of other websites.

Then, during online traffic peak times (business hours), demand will exceed the bandwidth capacity, and your website will start taking too long to load. It's not just a matter of keeping your website visitors happy… the search engine bots get cranky if your website doesn't load fast enough! (This is the software that travels the world wide web to index websites, and you don't want to irritate it.)

Aqaba Gives Your Website the Hosting Plan It Deserves

At Aqaba, it is extremely important that our clients' websites load quickly and are responsive to website visitors. We design and build our clients' websites to load as fast as possible, and we believe in giving them the best hosting plans possible.

The biggest difference between our hosting plans and standard ones is that our servers are on the cloud. These cloud servers are easily and infinitely scalable. You'll never have to deal with migrating your website to another server just because your website traffic increases over time (or because of a software upgrade or because the hosting company misjudged their server's resources or because you're the victim of whatever other reason the hosting company cooked up).

Our cloud servers' configuration is basic, bare bones, and attuned for SEO. And again, all of our hosting plans provide enterprise-level performance with lightning-fast page load speed.

Other Riveting Hosting Plan Details

All of the Aqaba hosting plans include a certain or amount of disk storage, domains, subdomains, email accounts, FTP accounts, and so forth. The exact amount varies by the plan you choose: BasicProfessional, or Enterprise. You can see the details and comparison chart here.

The generous amount of disk space allotted for your plan can be used however you want: for your website, audio and visual media, emails, and so forth.

We backup our customer's websites daily on the cloud server and retain that copy for seven days. This enables us to roll back to a previous version of your website (from within that 7-day period) if there's a problem that arises due to a compromise in security or operator error.

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