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Have you ever tried to Google yourself or your business? Don’t be surprised, you’ll see good and bad information. One thing is for sure; bad information will surpass the good information. That’s not all. What you see is exactly what your customers and prospects see. And from that, they’ll make a decision. Does that scare you?

If you’ve got a reputation, you need to monitor what people are saying online and respond appropriately. A bad reputation will drive away customers and lower your sales and revenue potential. We don’t think that’s what you want. If that’s the case, you need to protect the value and image of your business so that it can remain profitable.

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Credibility and compliance is key to brand authority. Customers will trust you more if you share accurate information about your business contacts and location. If you operate in multiple locations, you should ideally create a local page for your main office and designated service areas. Aqabatech can help you create or verify the authenticity of your information. We’ll help you indicate correct business location, links, and keywords. We’ll also double check to ensure that you have complied with Google’s regulations and guidelines regarding location.

Would you believe it, 80% of consumers conduct online product search before they buy anything. The majority of them are savvy, critical, and sometimes unforgiving. If they come across bad reviews about your business, they won’t buy from you. That’s the reality on the ground. What’s the way out? You need to monitor your reputation and have a solid plan to counter any bad or negative information.

Managing reputation is not just about managing your image but managing your information, location, and customer’s expectations as well. Your reputation follows your image. When your image slops, your reputation goes. That’s the harsh truth about having a presence online. Your online reputation is critical to the survival of your business. Too many negative reviews will jeopardise your business and discourage customers from engaging with you.

Disgruntled ex-employees and mean competitors can turn out to be your worst nightmare. Don’t let them scare the hell out of you. Aqabatech is ready to help your business deal with all negative information they give. Our reputation management experts will help you monitor and respond appropriately to what customers and competitors are saying. They’ll dig and find all negative mentions of your business and protect you from negative brand associations and reviews.

At Aqabatech, we care about your reputation just as we care about your bottom line. Using tools such as Proactive ORM, we’ll optimize positive reviews to dominate search engine results and push down negative ones. We have one goal in mind; to ensure your brand, products, and business maintain a good reputation.

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