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Qualities of a Certified Google AdWords Consultant

28 September 2015

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Marketing professionals are varied, and they specialize in many different fields. Of highest demand nowadays are digital marketers specializing in the most effective online mediums. Google Ad words is a popular search marketing platform many businesses use to augment their online marketing efforts. While search engine optimization helps make sure that your website stays on top of searches, supplementing your SEO efforts with other online marketing strategies like an Ad words campaign will help strengthen your online presence even more and make sure that you get the traffic your site needs constantly. Having a certified Google Ad words consultant by your side is one way to ensure that your rankings stay on top.

A certified partner is duly trained and skilled at handling your Ad words account and getting everything to make sure your website receives the traffic you need. Becoming a certified Google Ad words partner requires the appropriate skills and experience as well as a good knowledge of Ad words. Making the partnership official is as easy as registering, paying for, and passing Ad words’ fundamentals exam and further qualifications such as for advanced search, analytics, or display. While it seems fairly simple to achieve this status, Google is keen in making sure that the people they grant certifications to are truly skilled at using their platform.

Just the same, it pays to screen your Google Ad words consultant before welcoming them onboard your campaign only because they have a certified partner’s badge. To make sure your prospect partner can truly deliver, ask a lot of questions and make sure they can provide you with satisfying answers. Ask about the differences between Ad words and the Adcenter as well as about the recent changes to the program. Inquire about new features that you should know about and the metrics you should pay attention to when using the program.

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