Optimized Landing Page

Landing page optimization includes all those processes which are intended to improve or enhance landing page elements, for the purpose of obtaining more conversions. As opposed to completely redesigning your landing page, a better approach would be to use research data that shows what your audience prefers and what they like to see.

This isn’t a process that can be completely accomplished in a day, and instead, it should be considered an ongoing situation, where you make changes in response to new information you receive about target audience behaviors.

In that sense, optimization should be considered something you’re constantly doing, because the wants and needs of your potential customers are constantly changing also. Here are some of the best practices that a professional SEO company would employ, and which you should also make use of.

Keep your Optimized Landing Page Simple

While a simple landing page might not seem advantageous, it’s important to remove as much visual clutter as possible, so that your offer can be made very clear. Your focus should be to guide all visitors toward the call to action, and everything else is just accompaniment.

Try to include just the most basic and essential components on your optimized landing page, so that you don’t detract from the whole point of the page itself. If your visitors get fascinated by all the bells and whistles on your landing page, they won’t pay attention to the one element which is most important.

Stay Above the Fold

Of course, there is no real ‘fold’ per se on the screen, and that actually refers back to the old days where a newspaper would be folded in half. But it’s important that you keep your really important elements above the fold because if a visitor has to scroll down to find the call to action, you’ll probably lose a certain percentage of people before they get to it.

Make sure to present your most important information on the initial visual screen, so that it’s not necessary to take any additional action to find the real heart of your message.

Use Contrasting Colors

By using contrasting colors, you’ll make important information stand out much better, and if you can incorporate good use of clarity and color, you can make it even better. Contrasting colors can emphasize your call to action in such a way that it simply can’t be ignored.

For instance, if you were to have a black background with some bright white or yellow text, that would provide visual clarity and contrast that really makes your message stand out.

Use Scarcity Methods

It’s a good idea to convey to visitors that there’s only a limited time or limited opportunity for them to act on your offer. This makes the offer more compelling, and it’ll get the idea across that they need to act now or lose out on a great opportunity.

This should be a legitimate time constraint as well, for instance offering a discount that will run out after two weeks, or attendance at a webinar that won’t be offered again. To be really effective, you can even include some kind of countdown timer which provides visual emphasis for the limited nature of your offer.

Simplify your Call to Action buttons

As any professional SEO company can tell you, one of the worst things you can do is confuse your visitors by the labeling on your call to action buttons. Instead of stressing them out, you should make sure that your buttons are all very obvious and clear, so there’s no confusion about what you want visitors to do.

Make sure that any action you want your visitors to take can’t be misinterpreted or ambiguous, because that will more than likely cause them to do nothing at all, and this will have negated the whole effort to get them to your landing page.

Include Contact Information

There are quite a few ways you can convey your contact information to optimized landing page visitors. Of course, there are obvious ways like including your email address and your phone number right on the landing page. You can also establish an entirely separate contact form, and ask users for a little more information.

There’s also the possibility of including links to other pages you want visitors to browse through, especially a help center. At your help center, you can provide information such as tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.

Experiment with Headlines and Content

Even though images and video rule the roost in terms of capturing visitor attention, the written text and content you provide are still very important. As long as you make your content visually appealing, your audience will probably still read most of it, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity and present them with high-quality content.

One great way of determining what kind of headlines and what kind of content is most appealing to your audience, is to make use of A/B testing. This will give you a great idea of what your audience prefers, and that will provide you with the data you need to create an optimal page of content.

Experiment with Different Page Lengths

There is one school of thought which says only the very shortest forms work well on your optimized landing page, and that asking for anything more than the user’s email address is a waste. While this may be true in some cases, it is certainly not the general rule of thumb.

If you’re trying to develop leads or interest in an expensive product or service you’re offering, you will definitely need more content to justify the cost of your offering. In this case, providing too little information will more than likely hurt your attempt to get a number of qualified leads.

Add Testimonials

These days, more potential customers are convinced to buy something by finding out that others have used the product and found it to be very beneficial. Social proof can go a long way toward persuading a user to convert and become a paying customer.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to include testimonials on your landing page, especially if you can provide a video testimonial. In the same vein, quotes from satisfied customers are generally very effective too, especially if you include a name and headshot photo of the satisfied customer.