Make Your Story Spark
What was the last memorable YouTube ad you saw? Still thinking?

When it comes to creating the most compelling ads, we’re here to set you up for success. In part two of this series, we’re focusing on how to make your brand’s story memorable. The next two pieces will teach you the importance of experimentation — from new narrative structures to faster pacing — and how that can boost your ad’s impact.

It’s time to reinvent the way stories are told. Here are 2 proven approaches to try.

Research shows that letting your brand story unfold over time is more memorable than the traditional 30-second ad spot. Find out why and how you can apply it to your campaigns.

4 steps to making an unskippable video ad

Learn about four opportunities for creative optimization in this quick video tutorial and start experimenting with your content today.

Stay tuned for Part 3, our final email in this series, soon.

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