Is Your Auburn Hills PPC Agency Google Certified?

Question: What's worse than spending money on online advertising and getting absolutely no leads?
Answer: Spending your money on online advertising and getting the wrong kind of leads... because then you have to waste time and energy turning them away!

Aqaba has a two-pronged approach to online advertising: We mesh our whimsically creative advertising talent with our deliberate and thorough methodology. Not only will your business take a giant leap ahead of your competitors in expanding its online reach, but you also won't waste a cent of your advertising dollars.

The Aqaba Project Methodology

Of course we have a methodology! It's the best way to ensure that we (and you) are making progress. It's strict enough so that we make sure we cross all our "t's" and dot all our "i's," yet still flexible enough to pivot when the data we get back requires it.

This is how we roll with our pay-per-click projects:

1. We scout out your competitors, develop customer avatars, slice and dice the market segmentation, and more. In other words: research, research, research.
2. Nothing's going to happen without an overall strategy, so we do that. Then, we create a complementary plan of action.
3. The actual moment arrives… we create your advertising campaigns.
4. Using our advanced analytics and scheduling software, we keep tabs on your campaigns in real-time. We also make sure you're always aware of what's working and what we need to adjust in order to optimize the ads.

As part of our consulting or managed advertising, Aqaba can help you determine which online advertising platform is right for you. Naturally, we have extensive experience with both of the larger advertising platforms: Google and Facebook.

Google Ads

Mastering the Google advertising platform and its text-only, limited character length ads is a cinch when Aqaba sets its intelligence and savvy against this advertising tech giant. If you don't want to waste precious advertising dollars learning how to work with the Google advertising platform, call Aqaba, a Google Ads Certified Partner Agency.

Facebook Ads

A great way to connect for the right audience. Aqaba has actually been online longer than the Facebook advertising platform. We've watched it grow up from being a wee little one!

Our long-time experience and familiarity with Facebook can launch your business way ahead of the competition. We'll use the data from successful campaigns to extend your reach to even more qualified prospects, help you discover new angles, and automate as much as the process as possible.

One More Thing… Retargeting

Retargeting can bring distracted prospects back to reality and your website. This is accomplished by gently RE-reminding former website visitors about your brand. (People are so easily distracted nowadays, don't you agree?) As part of an overall digital strategy, remarketing can be quite effective (and, as a bonus, non-annoying for your prospects!).

Businesses that use retargeting typically experience a higher ROI when compared to most other digital channels. Aqaba would love to show you how adding remarketing can maximize your advertising budget dollars.

Besides Google and Facebook, Aqaba also has experience with Bing, Yahoo, and several other advertising platforms. Contact us for more information!

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