Google has become so important to our way of life. It’s how we email, search, buy online, and so much more. This allows Google to connect customers with your business in the most relevant ways. Google is building on this to make sure businesses reach customers with precision.

Google is launching a new product for the Google AdWords system over the next several weeks called Customer Match. This is a fantastic update to the AdWords system, and one of the most important. With Google AdWords you are now able to target current or past customers by their email addresses. This new feature, Customer Match, allows you to upload a list of email addresses as a means of targeting and showing ads to those specific users (when signed in) on the Google Search Network, Youtube, and Gmail.

When you use the Customer Match option, you may also generate Similar Audiences lists. Similar Audiences helps you in finding new prospects, and customers based on parameters in the uploaded email lists, even if they haven’t been to your site. By using Similar Audiences, you can increase your reach and target customers who share similar characteristics.

Customer Match and Similar Audiences will be rolling out to all advertisers over the next several weeks. Learn More.

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