If you do have a business that serves walk-in business, it’s critical that you show up in local online search results.

Almost half of all Google searches are local.

People who search with the terms “local” or “near me” are highly motivated. These searchers are usually on mobile devices, planning their day or even an event. It’s highly likely that if you’re there when you need them, you’ll get their business.

It’s hard to believe, but just 44% of locally driven businesses have claimed their Google My Business listing. You can either be one of those 44%… or ramp up on local SEO to get ahead of your competition!

One of the main goals for local SEO is to show up in the Google “3-pack” results when someone is searching with local intent. These are the top three business listings that appear below the Google map. (If all of the stars are aligned with the sun and the moon, and you’ve dotted all your “i’s” and crossed your “t’s,” Google rotates your business’s appearance in the top three based on the location of the searcher.)

In some ways, local SEO is similar to organic SEO. However, the added geographical component is achieved in ways that differ greatly from standard SEO methods.

Local SEO focuses on several key areas:

  • Building reputable backlinks
  • Citation building (these are a good kind of citation)
  • Directory marketing (showing up in online directories)
  • Google and Bing business registration
  • Managing your online reputation (reviews and ratings)
  • Website optimization

Keeping this information as up-to-date as possible is very important, as it can affect your ability to get to or remain in the “top three” of local Google search results. To help with this regular maintenance and monitoring, Aqaba offers a Managed SEO solution, though we can also work with you on a consulting basis.

Once you engage us, we’ll conduct an initial audit, keyword research, and competitor review to understand your needs. Next, we will create and implement a well-defined SEO project plan that will help you establish (or regain) your rank.

If your website ranks poorly in local search, contact us right away so we can help you address the problem!

We support a wide range of cities through out southeast Michigan or Metro Detroit, including the following:

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