You might have hundreds of franchises or are working on getting your first ten, but it's important to begin building your brand equity online.

One way to do this is to reach a top ranking position with the major search engines, and Aqaba can help you get there.

Along with reaching this pinnacle of internet dominance, it's important to address the SEO needs of a multi-location corporation, which can be tricky, especially if each location has its own franchisee. This is on top of all the standard SEO concerns around maintaining organic search engine visibility.

Whether you're a franchisor or franchisee, Aqaba can help you compete against other brands and establish consistent SEO tasks to maintain that edge.

Corporate Franchise SEO

A franchise corporation has the double responsibility of supporting its existing franchisees by promoting its brand and also attracting new franchisees. Furthermore, the corporate franchisor SEO strategy needs to be easily scalable, as the potential for growth is always a consideration.

At Aqaba, we understand the complex dynamics of franchise corporations. We work with you to establish your brand's digital footprint as well as addressing any current problems. Our SEO consulting services have the depth and breadth that's required to fully understand your line of business.

Our systematic process begins with analysis, strategy, and planning before we move on to develop and implement an all-encompassing solution that will serve as your SEO secret sauce.  

To maximize your own time and energy, also have a Managed SEO solution that takes care of the day-to-day tasks required to maintain your organic online visibility. You'll never be caught off guard or have to worry about your rankings slipping down again!

Want to work with SEO specialists who can help you rank better now and into the future?

Contact Aqaba online or give us a call!

Local Franchise SEO (Franchisee)

Just because your franchisor is fully committed to maintaining their SEO rankings doesn't necessarily help you with your local franchise SEO. If you've had to discover this the hard way, Aqaba can help your local franchise:

  • Differentiate yourself from surrounding competitors
  • Optimize your local website pages
  • Calibrate your business listings
  • Leverage the power of other franchise locations

… and all of this (and more) without duplicating material or stepping on the toes of your franchisor's SEO.

Whether you work with Aqaba on a consulting basis to address particular concerns or to start a fresh slate, Aqaba first familiarizes itself with your business. Only after we fully research and analyze you and your competitors do we devise an SEO strategy and action plan to improve your natural online rankings and give you more local attention.

You can also work with Aqaba on a Managed SEO basis. We take care of the non-fun tasks to maintain your online rankings so that you can take better care of your customers. (That's why you went into business for yourself, right?)

Your competitors won't know what hit them when you engage us for help with your SEO strategy and maintenance! We promise we won't make you learn SEO unless you ask, okay? Give us a call or contact us online!

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