Retargeting is a type of conversion optimization that can attract visitors back to your website if they have visited it before.

It's a type of advertising that can be very effective when used as part of a larger digital strategy.

For example, let's say a person visits your website, but leaves without purchasing or performing some other desired action (signing up for a webinar, for example). You can retarget this person by reminding them of your brand by posting ads when they're searching or surfing the web later.

Nowadays, people tend to get interrupted or distracted when they're online. If this is the case for people who have visited your website, retargeting can work well because it gently reminds website visitors of your brand without being intrusive.

Retargeting makes the most out of your inbound and outbound marketing dollars, and businesses that implement it often have a higher ROI than from most other digital channels. Aqaba can work with you on a consulting basis to add retargeting to your advertising arsenal, or we can manage it for you as part of our Managed Advertising solution.

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