When it comes to creating and running an online advertising program, being clever and talented isn't enough.

You need a methodology to ensure you're making progress, yet one that's still agile enough to pivot when the feedback demands it.

This is how Aqaba implements Managed Advertising:

Business Analysis
We research your business and industry thoroughly… competitors, customer avatars, market segmentation, and more.

Strategy & Planning
We hone the overall strategy and round it out with a plan of action.

Based on what we've learned about your business and overall industry, we create your advertising campaigns.

We use various software tools (advanced analytics and scheduling software) to monitor your advertising campaigns in real-time, thus getting the maximum activity for your advertising dollars. You're always in the loop as to what's working and what's currently getting tweaked to optimize the ads.

Let's drive better leads to your website, one click at a time!

Besides Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we also work with Bing, Yahoo, and many other advertising platforms. Contact us for more information.

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