The customer journey is dynamic and a moving target.

Lead nurturing is typically crafted for one or more unique personas flushed out in our research. Never satisfied with static results (remember the moving target?) Aqaba continually fine-tunes and calibrates CRO based on data and insights we've mined from the depth and breadth of the online world.

At Aqaba, we believe there is no such thing as irrelevant data. All data is relevant data to the well-trained eye. We call ourselves data scientists, and this differentiates us from most small to mid sized agencies. It's why much larger agencies partner with us, too.

We measure success with key performance indicators (KPIs), our window into the activity on your website. Just some of the KPIs we use are unique visitors, duration of time spent, poor performance, average page views per visit, video plays, and conversions.

Our data insights serve as the foundation for myriad strategic decisions, and they also influence events. It could be to sign up for a demo, download a report, make a purchase… you get the idea. In this way, a business converts a website visitor so that they are transformed into a customer or moved deeper into the marketing funnel.

Simply put, we are data scientists. This is what differentiates us from most small- to mid-sized agencies and why much larger agencies partner with us.

You may have reached a certain point in your marketing where you've been trying to increase your KPIs, but unable to get the results you want. Or perhaps you're working with a digital marketing agency that doesn't have experience with CRO, and you want to know how to go about it.

When we work with you on a CRO solution (whether as a consultant or as a Managed CRO service), Aqaba follows a systematic process:

  • Business analysis
  • Strategy and planning
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Rinse/Repeat

During the business analysis stage, we research and analyze your website and digital marketing to understand why website visitors are not converting. We use that information to design a strategy for an overall CRO approach as well as a solid plan of steps.

The development stage is when we actively create the CRO solution, which could involve website redesign, writing scripts, and so forth. Next comes implementation, when the CRO solution is released into the wild (and carefully monitored, of course).

The structure of the support stage depends on whether you worked with Aqaba on a consulting or managed service basis. The managed CRO service supports the CRO solution by constantly managing and refining it, as well as tracking the results (which are also accessible by you, the client).

CRO is a simple concept, but not always easy to analyze, design, and implement. Aqaba can cut through the confusion so you can reap more benefits from your existing website investment.
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