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November, 2018

Business Doctor Launch: Website and Marketing


Business Doctor is a company that has helped thousands of customers in our home state of Michigan and beyond, manage their accounting and bookkeeping services. They take on many clients but have focused recently on providing services to doctors, attorneys, and architects. Aqaba Technologies partnered with Business Doctor to strategize […]

The Vulnerability That May Cause Google+ to Shut Down


Social networks make it easier for you to stay connected with your friends. You can keep them updated with your life events and share with them what you’re up to. However, the major issue with online platforms is that they create privacy concerns. Every few days, you may hear from […]

Introducing Managed Care Plan (MCP) for Our Clients


Your website is powered by the WordPress platform. This is ever-changing and also consists of several plugins that add value and functionality to your site. Because your website is vulnerable from attacks, keeping your website platform secure and current with updates is essential for not only performance and functionality but […]