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January, 2017

Google Is Changing How They Do Local.


Google is testing Local Inventory Ads (LIA) in place of their normal ‘local pack’, as LIAs are now appearing in mobile search results. LIA’s showcase products and store information to potential customers who are searching with Google.  When customers click an LIA, they arrive on a Google-hosted page for your […]

Learn What is New For SEO in 2017

Detroit SEO Company

As reported in a recent article published in Website Magazine, recent developments at Google will greatly impact the digital industry in 2017, causing SEO companies and SEO professionals to take notice. As a result, SEO professionals will find that providing effective SEO strategies and tactics will be a more complex […]

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017 – Part 1


Like others in business, we at AQABA Technologies are looking ahead to 2017 with eager anticipation of great things to come.   But we’re also looking ahead at trends and recent developments that we see coming in digital marketing in 2017– trends that we, as a digital marketing agency, will […]